Originally Created By:
Ralph A. Bucci of Charles W. Flanagan High School

Recreated By:

Dan Dupois
Vanessa Velino
Kathleen Smith
Norman Reynolds

We are current students studying to be prestigious educators at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts....
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An Internet WebQuest on the Shakespearean Authorship Question



Your first task is to, as a group, sift through background information and develop an opinion as to who the true author of Shakespeare’s works is. After you have formulated an opinion as a group, you will be required to defend your claim against others in a heated debate. If no group wants to “stick their neck out” and choose an author other than Shakespeare, authors will be assigned. The final verdict lies in the hands of the “jury” that will evaluate the arguments and decide the winner.

Your second task is to dig even deeper into the authorship debate and formulate your own opinion. (This could be the same view as your debate group or a new one entirely) This view will make up the topic for a three to four page research paper which will be due after the debate. See the “Procedure” link for more specific guidelines and the “Evaluation” link to view the rubric by which your essay will be graded.

Good luck! Hundreds of years of literary history lie in your hands... (No pressure)
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